This past year has been the biggest of my career, my professional life is unrecognizable from 365 days ago. I've also built a wonderful community of people I love, both online and in real life.

Joe Tannenbaum

I am feeling filled with gratitude so I made a non-comprehensive list, in no particular order, of people that I am thankful for as of late. You may not even know you did anything at all but know that it made a difference to me. So here we go.

Chris Morrell - Thank you for speaking at the first ever PHP × NYC, thank you for bouncing weird ideas off me and vice versa, thank you for listening to my talk run-throughs, and thank you for having me on your podcast (I was so nervous but you were so caring as a host). Thanks for everything buddy.

Taylor Otwell - Thank you for giving me my dream job. I truly love it at Laravel and appreciate the opportunity immensely. Thank you for all of the support.

Vishal Rajpurohit and Abbas Ali - Thank you for taking the chance on me to speak at Laracon India. It was my first major conference and I felt taken care of and supported. Y'all are awesome.

Laracon India Crew - Man... I was doing something I hadn't done before and I didn't really know anybody very well and y'all just welcomed me with open arms. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Special shoutouts to Daniel Coulbourne, Rissa Jackson, Freek Van der Herten, Jess Archer, JMac, James Brooks, Joe Dixon, Shruti Balasa, Ruchit Patel, Guus Leeuw, and Dave Hicking.

Caleb Porzio - You reached out to me out of the blue one day and just hopped on a call to chat. It was great, I didn't realize I needed it, and it made a nice little dent in my brain that hasn't gone away. Thanks, man.

PHP × NYC Crew - Holy cow I love y'all, and I appreciate you coming from all over the place to attend. Special shout-outs to Ben Carr, John Drexler, Jeremy Gimbel, Mary Perry, and Rob Fonseca. I love all of you and I promise we'll do it up again soon.

Ben Holmen - When my Telegram pings and it's a message from you it makes my day better. I'm really glad we got to know each other this year. Love you buddy.

Alex Six - You seem to be perpetually encouraging to everyone, it's such an admirable quality. As a recipient of several bouts of encouragement from you, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Michael Dyrynda & Greg Skerman - You guys were my first-ever podcast interview! I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, but you were excellent hosts and I appreciate you having me on, and for the continued support. Thanks fellas.

Mitchell Davis - You were my second-ever podcast! I really enjoyed our conversation, you're a great host. Thanks so much for having me on.

Simon Hamp - A year ago, I attended Laracon US alone and didn't really know anyone. I sort of knew you from the internet, and so we met up in real life and hit it off. Thrilled I get to call you a friend and always appreciate your kindness and support, thank you buddy.

Jess Archer - Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm. Thank you for reaching out to me prior to India to make a connection and time for us to chat, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I was honestly so intimidated to meet you and you were so immediately kind, thank you.

James Brooks & Joe Dixon - You are both always so supportive and I really appreciate it. I believe you two were the first to message me a (very enthusiastic) congrats when I got hired at Laravel and it made me really excited. Truly appreciate you guys.

TJ Miller - Thank you for sharing rad stuff with me and for the random check-ins. I'm always interested in what you're doing, thank you for letting me peek behind the curtain once and a while.

Sam Rose - Thank you for messaging me out of the blue and setting up a time to talk. It was awesome, and I've since done it to other people and it's continued to be awesome. Thank you for kicking off the awesome. You're awesome.

Jeffrey Way - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to record a Laracasts course. It was not even on my radar, and I was floored when I got your message on Twitter that day. I really do feel honored, I hold both you and Laracasts in high regard, so, thank you.

Ian Landsman - Every time you shared one of my CLI experiments on Twitter with a message like "this guy has fully lost it this time" it brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks man.

Aaron Francis - Thank you for amplifying my experiments, thank you for calling the success before it happened and encouraging me, and honestly, just thank you for your whole vibe. You're the good part of Twitter, people like you make it worth sticking around on that app.

Oi Wo Mark and Alberto Mayanga - Thank you for making it out to PHP × NYC, and thank you always for your support. Love you guys and glad we're keeping in touch, even just a bit.

Marcel Pociot - You probably don't even remember this, but when I attended Laracon US last year, you stopped and had a 20-minute conversation with me. I was just Random Guy #283 and you were just very nice and I appreciate that. Thank you.

Jason Beggs - You're always checking in and always really supportive. I appreciate you man, thank you.

Mateus Guimarães - You are, frankly, too kind. Thank you for the support and messages, I always appreciate you.

Josh Cirre - Thanks for taking the time to chat and always being supportive. I see you and appreciate you.

Dave Hicking - Sir, you are a delight. You are such an excellent addition to the friend roster, I really appreciate you and am so glad we got to know each other this year. Thanks buddy.

Jess Wang - I really loved working with you and Warp, we did a couple of fun projects together! Thank you for always searching for opportunities to work together, it really meant a lot.

Mike Duncan - You were such a champion for me at work and really tried to suss out interesting projects for me. Thank you for always being down to chat something out or just shoot the shit. Appreciate it, man.

Ryan Chandler - Every time you commented on one of my experiments you nudged my brain in an interesting new direction. Thank you for always encouraging continued exploration for the sake of exploration.

Danny Bushkanets - Thank you for hopping on video calls or meeting up in the West Village to catch up. I always appreciate your insight and love hearing about what you're up to. You're a good egg.

Eric Barnes - Thank you for sharing the Prong game when it came out! I'm a huge fan of Laravel News and that was really exciting. Appreciate the love.

Jesse Leite - Thanks for the words of encouragement along the way and just always bringing a smile to my face.

There are so many more people to thank, this is just the first batch. I just wanted to shoot gratitude out in the world today as I'm feeling very grateful. And if you don't follow these folks, please do! They are some of the best of that app we all spend too much time on.

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